Michaela Phifer is a fashion designer currently living in Ladson, SC. She was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania with her family of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Michaela's mother, Judy was an avid sewer. Michaela watched her mother sew as a child and started to follow in her mother's footsteps at the age of 9. She started out sewing Barbie clothes out of old mismatched socks and fabric scraps. During high school, Michaela signed up for the Fashion Design class at the local vocational school. Once there she played with different fabrics, colors and textures to create her own style clothing. This is what started her 20 + year hobby of creating unique and stylish clothing and accessories.

In 2006, after many compliments from friends and family about the bags she was creating for herself, Michaela decided to open up her own company. The company was created as a way to share her ideas and creative handbags, accessories and clothing to the world. All myla's bags creations are a result of Michaela's passion for design as well as her intense focus on craft, which ensures that all her products are durably constructed, stylish, fun, & unique. We hope that you have a long and enjoyable relationship with our handbags.